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Lock On: Modern Air Combat User Reviews

Review by Mick
I have owned Lock On for many years now and I am very happy with it. Graphically speaking the game is unique and also the sounds are realistic. The story is also good.

What I particularly like is the integration of the individual hunting groups. The town that I am from is actually host to one of the aircraft you can fly in the game, which is epic. That alone made me want to purchase it. The aircraft design is spot on and you can even have your own identifiers. The weapons are also implemented very well. It is a lot of fun to destroy ground objects with infrared-guided AGM-65-Mavericks. And it is pretty cool when Russian jets are exploding when they hit an AIM-120.

Unfortunately, I have had some problems with the multiplayer. Occasionally the game crashes in multiplayer but I believe that’s something to do with my firewall… I’m sure there’s a solution out there. Overall a great military simulator that has been around for a long time. I recommend it if you love war planes.

Review by Anon
"Lock-On: Modern Air Combat" is developed by the Russian development studio Eagle Dynamics, who have already smashed numerous milestones with the outstanding modern military aircraft such as Su-27 Flanker and Flanker. It brings about a new era in this genre and is an innovation in the industry. At the same time it has very high realism. While there are only 8 aircraft available in the original LOMAC, they have been implemented with great detail, both from the point of view of the flight as well as the 3D models.

It has high-resolution graphic effects and ground graphics based on satellite imagery, a completely dynamic campaign that provides high replayability, and the ability to compete with up to 32 players online or on LAN, makes for it to be a very wonderful game for flight sim enthusiasts! Newcomers will probably find it hard with the challenging level of difficulty resulting from the high level of realism, but those who are interested in it won’t be disappointed by Lock On.

A joystick is essential for the control in my opinion.

Review by Rodger
When the official Lock On demo was released in September online I was completely speechless! I’ve been an avid flight sim fan for over 10 years and Lock On has to be one of the best I’ve ever seen! The graphics, gameplay, realism, environment, absolutely everything looked perfect. By far the A-10A Warthog puts all of the other aircraft to shame. Flying in the night time, in the rain has never looked so realistic before. Even though there aren’t any dynamic campaigns, this flight sim will be known as one of the best of all time.

Review by Girard
Lock On has to be the original flight sim that constantly grows its loyal fanbase. When released, people complained that the development took too long – what do you expect from a flight simulator of this calibre? The realistic graphics and gameplay isn’t going to be finished in a short period of time! If you’re not sure about Lock On then I implore you to at least try it out. Very realistic scenarios, simply stunning. Definitely a must try for every hobby pilot.

Review by Haris
Lock On is a very realistic combat flight simulator. The weapons are realistic as well, not just the aircraft. Before starting the combat missions I suggest you go through the training module so you know how to control the aircraft instruments. It can be difficult for newbies but after some practice it is easy. Using the radar in the F-15 and some of the weapon systems in the other aircraft is perhaps the more difficult thing, rather than just taking off and landing. A good idea is to write down some of the stuff you learn and you do the missions to keep it fresh in your memory.

Overall I would give this an 8/10, simply because it’s a wonderful combat sim. The deduction is for the lack of aircraft but the 8 aircraft you can fly will take time to fully learn inside out. Graphics are great, sounds could be a tiny bit better and the cockpit is realistic inside which is very important to me. If you enjoy military aircraft and want to try your hand at flying them, I would recommend trying LOMAC.

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