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Lock On: Flaming Cliffs

Flaming Cliffs is the next installation in the Lock On franchise. Originally version 1 was released to fix some of the bigger flaws with the original Lock On: Modern Air Combat. It also added an additional flyable aircraft, the Su-25T, as well as increasing the number of missions. Alongside this there were a few tweaks and updates to the missile modelling, for example the Su-25T advanced flight model. A final release for version 1 was released, fixing some of small coding issues and bugs.

Flaming Cliffs 2 was released in 2010 and built upon the advancements of the original Flaming Cliffs. This consisted of a new graphical user interface, an improved graphics engine, new campaigns and a new mission editor along with many other improvements. The map was expanded, covering much of the western Caucasus region and a high-res 3D area of western Georgia. This came with more airports, in both Russia and Georgia.

Online play featured an all new anti-cheating system which was well received by most users as other players cheating created an unfair playing field. This was done by the game server verifying the integrity of the user’s files. The original sound engine was upgraded, which brought about improved sounds and processing, making the travel of sound accurate to the distance of the event.

There are a lot of new models in version 2, including new 3D air defence models, new helicopter models, new aircraft and UAV’s, munitions, ships and naval units (including an armed speedboat) and much more. The updated 3D graphics really improved the level of realism of Lock On, however it was a much needed update as technology and computers had advanced in the 7 years since Modern Air Combats original release.

If you take a look at the reviews posted by flight sim enthusiasts you’ll see that Flaming Cliffs was well received by veteran Lock On players. Many of them noted the improvement in graphics, features and the sound engine. Below you can read a couple of reviews from real users.

Review 1
This is a flight simulator, not just a game, so remember that when playing. For those of us who have used sims before, it’s familiar territory to fly the aircraft. If you just want to press one button and fly, you may be frustrated. There is a training mode though and if you give it some time and patience you’ll easily learn how to control the aircraft and the weapons systems. There are a lot of improvements over the original LOMAC, the graphics are very realistic and much better. So is the addition of aircraft, vehicles, ships, etc. If you loved Modern Air Combat you will love Flaming Cliffs 2.

Review 2
I’ve been an avid lock on fan since the games inception so I’ve clocked up a lot of hours playing. I feel flaming cliffs 2 brought much needed updates and fixes and I am very happy with how it turned out. My favorite update is the ability to control the vehicles, like the tanks. It brings a more realistic battle field in my opinion. The updated graphics makes the game feel a lot more modern too. Just make sure your PC can handle the update, otherwise it may not render as good or lag a bit. To be honest most computers these days will handle it. Solid game, solid update.

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