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Lock On: Modern Air Combat

Lock On is a combat aircraft simulation for current aircraft published by Ubisoft. It was released in late 2003 and was developed by Eagle Dynamics. The abbreviation LOMAC for the international title "Lock On - Modern Air Combat" is also used to refer to this simulator. Lock On is offline and online playable. The player can choose from eight aircraft (F-15C, A-10A, MiG-29A, G and S, Su-25, Su-27, Su-33). There are a lot of missions and campaigns, which, in addition to the ones provided in the game, are developed by the fan base and are freely accessible. It is a very complex flight simulator, with more than one hundred key combinations required to fully operate the aircraft and its weapon systems. Lock On can be compared to other top simulations like Falcon 4.0 with regards to realism. Above all, the implementation of the graphical effects in Lock On has not been achieved by any other flight simulation so far.

With the Add-on Lock On Flaming Cliffs (game version 1.1), the developers integrated the SU-25T. In addition, there is the possibility to add objects such as roadblocks, bunkers, watchtowers, houses, tank silos, drilling towers etc. as tactical objects. With the add-on, the highly realistic physical model AFM (Advanced Flight Model) was introduced for the SU-25T. The simulated physical models include, in addition to the aircraft characteristics, the correct simulation of the radar equipment including the effect of electronic interference (ECM) and the flight and impact models of all available weapons. For contractual reasons, this add-on was not available for a long time in the German market, but could only be downloaded for a fee on the developer's website, or purchased on CD via dealers abroad. In the meantime, however, various importers and distributors offer a direct distribution of the software on a CD basis.

In April 2010, the second add-on to Lock On, Flaming Cliffs 2.0 was released, which makes online compatibility to the successor DCS Black Shark and thus enabling combined operations of the hunting bombers from Flaming Cliffs and the KA-50 Hokum. In addition, Flaming Cliffs 2.0 adopts the advanced engine of the DCS module, allowing for more realistic aircraft and weapon physics, as well as the use of the Black Shark-acquired mission editor, which allows for the definition of triggers. This meant that missions could be created much more dynamically and more realistically.
The battle site of version 1.1 was still the entire Crimea with parts of the Caucasus. The Crimea, which offered only limited tactical possibilities due to its flat terrain, was completely removed in the add-on, and replaced parts of Georgia up to the Turkish border. The entire game world was moved towards the southeast.

The fan community is also developing new tools and additional programs, which can be used in the given simulation parts. It is possible to change the weapon loadings of the airplanes, to create your own sketches (so-called "skins"), to exchange sound files, airfield and terrain textures or to use the tool TACVIEW (freely available), inserting in a 3D simulation with all events, such as the triggering of weapons and hits, but also in slow motion.

Since 2003 several air combat simulation competitions have been organized. First the Hungarian online squadron VMH.59 had organized and worked with JetFly competitions. These competitions were later developed so that they are based not only on a national level, but also on a European level. That is, virtual pilots from other countries of Europe took part in these competitions. There was also the LOMAC League. An international platform on the annual "Fighter Sweep" (4vs4-8vs8 BVR), "Short Range" (2vs2 air combat with hot-looking short-range missiles) and "1vs1" (BVR, SRM and Guns only). Since 2004, a European competition for air races has been financed by Fortis Uhren AG. In 2005, a virtual flight show was held for the first time on Lock On. The event is called VFAT (Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams) and has been annually aligned since then. The participating pilots fly for the most part in other online squadrons and other users can participate as spectators.

If you are interested in flight simulators that feature more commercial aircraft, we recommend checking out the ultimate flight simulator website which has information on a number of the latest flight simulators on the market that are more geared towards commercial flying, with aircraft such as Boeing 737’s, Cessna’s, etc. Some of those flight simulators do feature military aircraft, however they are not complete military aircraft simulators like Lock On and its subsequent updates, with real weapons, missile systems and everything else. You can find out more information about Lock On by following the links at the top of the page, which includes reviews from real users of LOMAC, as well as the Flaming Cliffs update from the Lock On franchise. There’s also information about the latest and most up-to-date air combat simulator, DCS.

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